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Carlisle Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you need to apply for Social Security Disability, you already know how crucial these funds can be. When your disability prevents you from working, there’s no other choice but to turn to the government for assistance. Thankfully, the United States stands by its disabled citizens and provides plenty of support with a number of programs. The problem is that it’s often difficult to take advantage of these programs and receive the funds that you’re legally entitled to.

To make this process easier, it makes sense to work with a qualified, experienced Carlisle Social Security Disability lawyer. A legal professional will understand how important this funding is for disabled individuals, and they can guide you towards approval in the most efficient way possible. Work with a qualified attorney and your chances of getting approved rise dramatically.

What is Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability is a government program funded by payroll taxes. This program provides monthly benefits to those who are suffering from mental or physical disabilities that limit their ability to work and earn an income. Millions of Americans receive benefits from this program, which helps them avoid the pressures of poverty.

Technically speaking, there are two different benefits programs for disabled people:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance: Also known as “SSDI,” this program provides benefits if you have been working and paying your taxes over your lifetime. SSDI can not only provide benefits to you personally, but it can also provide benefits to certain members of your family.
  • Supplemental Security Income: Also known as “SSI,” Supplemental Security Income is awarded based on age, disability, and financial need. Unlike SSDI, SSI is not awarded based on your past work history.

How Much Money Can I Get?

Based on the official statistics, the average monthly benefit paid to disabled workers in 2019 was about $1,250. That being said, about one-third of recipients received less than $1,000. The amount of your monthly benefits depends on a number of factors. These factors include your past wages, wage growth, and whether you were earning a relatively low amount prior to your disability.

These factors are assessed to determine a PIA (Primary Insurance Amount). While you receive 100% of your PIA, your spouse or children may receive 50% of the PIA in an additional monthly benefit. Your monthly benefits are also increased to account for inflation over time, and they reflect the wage growth within your previous career or industry.

Contact Our Office for Help

If you’ve been searching the Carlisle area for a qualified, experienced Social Security Disability lawyer, look no further than Ira H. Weinstock, P.C. We are committed to helping disabled individuals in Pennsylvania, and we’ll make sure your application process goes as smoothly as possible. If your application has already been denied, we can help you appeal the decision and fight for the funding you need and deserve. It’s best to act quickly. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you can get your disability funding. Book your consultation today.

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