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Harrisburg Nurse Worker Injury Lawyer

People who are not nurses do not view the profession as being a dangerous one. Unfortunately, that is not true. Of all the different types of workplace injuries, approximately five percent of them are suffered by nurses. If you are a nurse who has been hurt on the job, you may be unable to work for a long period of time. If your injuries are very severe, you may never be able to return to work again. Below, our Harrisburg nurse worker injury lawyer explains the most common injuries sustained by nurses.

Lifting Injuries

Nurses must frequently move heavy objects and patients at work and there is always the possibility that they will injure themselves while performing these jobs. Muscle tears and strains can affect any part of the body when a nurse is performing heavy lifting, particularly since lifting patients requires moving at awkward angles that are not ideal for lifting a significant amount of weight. Lifting injuries often occur in the back. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), female nurses suffer from lifting injuries more than any other profession.

Slip and Fall Injuries

There are many different types of liquids used in hospitals and other medical facilities. When any of them are spilled on the floor, it can cause nurses to slip and fall. Clutter and objects can also crowd hallways and floors and due to the fast pace of nurse work, these can also lead to slip and fall accidents. Injuries to the feet, ankles, and knees are very common in these cases. Torn ligaments and muscles, as well as broken bones, are serious injuries that nurses can suffer after a slip and fall.

Needle Sticks

According to the American Nursing Association, more than half of nurses have been stuck by a needle while on the job. These injuries are often minor but they can also become infected and if the needle has already been used, a nurse may develop a very serious disease.

Mental Injuries

Nursing is a very stressful profession. The lives of patients are literally in the hands of nurses every day. Nurses often develop real bonds with their patients and then are left grieving if the patient is lost. This, combined with long work hours, varying sleep schedules, and other stressors on the job can all cause mental and emotional injuries for nurses. Depression, anxiety, migraines, headaches, and trouble sleeping are just a few of the most common mental injuries suffered by nurses.

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At Ira H. Weinstock, P.C., our Harrisburg nurse worker injury and workers’ comp lawyer is passionate about helping those in the nursing profession. If you have been hurt while on the job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation, but these benefits are not easy to receive. Our seasoned attorney can help you through the process so you have the best chance of a favorable outcome. Call us now at 717-238-1657 or contact us online to schedule a free case review and to get the legal help you need.

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