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Harrisburg Machinery Operator Injury Lawyer

Employees who work around heavy machinery know just how dangerous the job is. Accidents that involve heavy machinery are particularly serious due to the weight of the equipment and the many moving parts involved. In many cases, workers do not survive these accidents. Even when a worker does survive a heavy machinery accident, they will sustain some of the most serious injuries that incur very high costs. Medical bills quickly pile up and workers often cannot return to their job for some time. If you have been hurt, our Harrisburg machinery operator injury lawyer can advise you of your legal options.

Types of Heavy Machinery Involved in Accidents

Accidents involving heavy machinery often occur in industrial settings, on construction sites, and on bridge and road construction projects. There are many different types of heavy machinery that can cause a serious accident. These include cranes, forklifts, tractors, backhoes, dump trucks, bulldozers, compactors, excavators, paving equipment, and pile driving equipment. In industrial settings, heavy machinery can include robotic machines, conveyor belts, fabrication equipment, hydraulic presses, and sheet metal machines.

All employers are required to make sure that heavy machinery is properly maintained. Employers must also ensure that anyone who operates heavy machinery has the necessary training and licenses.

What Causes Heavy Machinery Accidents?

Accidents involving heavy machinery are often caused by operator error. Operators may make mistakes and that can result in very serious injuries. Operators of heavy machinery may also become distracted and fail to pay attention, or they may be tired or impaired by drugs or alcohol. Operators who are not properly trained, experienced, or supervised can also cause a serious accident.

Accidents involving heavy machinery can also be caused by the equipment itself. Heavy machinery may have defective parts or the entire machine may be dangerously defective. This happens when machinery is not properly designed or manufactured. This makes machinery very dangerous from the outset. When machinery is not properly inspected, maintained, and repaired, that can also cause a serious accident.

Workers’ Comp vs. Third Party Lawsuits

Workers who are injured by heavy machinery may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim. If you are successful with your claim, you can obtain benefits for a portion of your lost income and all of your reasonable medical expenses. Workers’ compensation is available for employees who were injured during the normal course of employment.

When a third party unrelated to the employer causes an accident, such as a manufacturer that created a defective product, employees can often file a third party personal injury claim. If you are successful with this type of claim, you can recover more compensation such as damages for pain and suffering, which are not available in workers’ compensation claims.

Call Our Machinery Operator Injury Lawyer in Harrisburg for Help with Your Case

At Ira H. Weinstock, P.C., our Harrisburg machinery operator injury and workers’ comp lawyer can advise you of your legal options after an accident so you obtain the fair compensation you deserve. Call us now at 717-238-1657 or contact us online to schedule a free review of your case and to get more information.

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