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Harrisburg Warehouse Worker Injury Lawyer

Nearly 1.3 million Americans are employed in warehouse and storage, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While many of these jobs provide stable, good-paying positions, working in a warehouse can be dangerous, particularly if an employer cuts corners or ignores safety regulations. Whether the injury was your employer’s fault, another’s, or even your own, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in the form of wage replacement and medical coverage. The Harrisburg warehouse worker injury lawyers at Ira H. Weinstock, P.C. can help make this happen.

Common Warehouse Accidents and Injuries

  • Overuse Injuries—Warehouse workers are tasked with repetitive, strenuous movements, such as lifting boxes in a bent position, made time and time again. Overuse injuries can be difficult to prove, both in terms of severity and in where and how the injury occurred. While many are debilitating, overuse injuries can be difficult to pinpoint when it comes to how much pain or immobility they cause. Furthermore, an employer may simply argue that the injury was a result of something else—a preexisting condition, an injury from a hobby of the employee’s, or even an overuse injury from a previous occupation or warehouse job at another employer.
  • Forklift Accidents—Forklifts, pallet jacks, side lifters, and other types of forklifts and mechanical lifting devices make for quick work when thousands of pounds need to be moved, but they are one of the leading causes of traumatic warehouse injuries. In fact, there are close to 10,000 serious forklift injuries, and upward of 90 deaths, annually according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Slip and Fall—Slip and falls often result in torn ACL tendons, broken ankles or wrists, back and spine injuries, or traumatic brain injuries. Slip and falls can happen anywhere, whether the floor was slick or not.
  • Crushing Accidents—A crushing accident occurs whenever a large object, vehicle, or machinery pins or crushes the victim. Crushing accidents tend to be very serious.
  • Hit-By Accidents—Being hit by an object, whether it is falling from a high shelving unit or it is a vehicle, can result in extreme injury. Common injuries include fractured ribs, lacerations, concussion, and broken limbs.
  • Loading Dock Accidents—Loading docks are a dangerous place for warehouse workers, as they combine height (risk of falling), heavy forklift loads, and large trucks. They are a prime place for a fall, crushing injury, hit-by injury, or motor vehicle accident.

Call a Harrisburg Injured Warehouse Worker Attorney

Workers’ compensation provides partial wage replacement up to two-thirds of your average weekly wages, and full medical coverage for your injury or illness. In addition, if your employer’s egregious negligence (recklessness) led to the injury, you may also be able to file a personal injury lawsuit for additional damages, including pain and suffering, full wage replacement, and much more. To discuss your options and begin working on a claim as soon as possible, do not hesitate to contact the skilled Harrisburg workers’ compensation attorneys at Ira H. Weinstock, P.C. Call us today at 717-238-1657 to schedule a free consultation.

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