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Gettysburg Workers Comp Benefits Lawyer

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides injured workers with a right to certain benefits if they are injured while on the job. It is important to understand that benefits do not cover losses for pain and suffering. Pennsylvania is strictly a ‘wage loss’ state, which means the only question that needs to be answered in workers’ comp cases is if you can perform gainful employment and if your wages are impacted by your workplace injury.

Losses such as the inability to enjoy previous hobbies and a normal life at home are not considered for workers’ compensation purposes. Below, our Gettysburg workers comp benefits lawyer explains what benefits are available.

Wage Loss, or Indemnity, Benefits

You are entitled to wage loss, also called indemnity, benefits if you are unable to work due to your injury. If you are unable to perform any type of work you can receive temporary total disability benefits. If you can still perform certain types of work, you can receive partial disability benefits. Partial disability benefits are awarded if your job has been modified, or you have suffered a reduction in hours due to your limitations to be able to work.

Medical Benefits

You can also obtain medical benefits for the necessary and reasonable medical treatment you need for your workplace injury. When employers meet certain requirements, they can limit your medical treatment to a list of approved providers. This list must be posted in a visible area in the workplace. This limitation only lasts for 90 days and after that, you can see a doctor of your own choosing.

Specific Loss Benefits

Specific loss benefits are meant to compensate injured workers for the loss of use of a certain part of the body or disfigurement. Examples include the amputation of a limb, finger, toe, hand, or foot. A loss of vision or hearing and disfigurement to the face, head, or neck also qualify for specific loss benefits. The loss also does not have to be 100 percent. It only has to be lost for all practical intents and purposes.

Death Benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits are not only paid to employees. They can also be paid to surviving family members who lost someone due to a workplace injury. There are specific benefit amounts that can be paid to the spouse or child of an employee who was killed on the job. Funeral and burial benefits up to $3,000 are also included in workers’ compensation death benefits.

Our Workers Comp Benefits Lawyer in Gettysburg Can Advise on the Settlement You are Entitled To

Being injured on the job, or losing someone you love due to their course of employment, is extremely difficult. At Ira H. Weinstock, P.C., our Gettysburg workers comp benefits lawyer can make it easier. After reviewing the facts of your case, we can advise on the full benefits you are entitled to and will work hard to make sure you receive a full and fair settlement. Call us now at 717-238-1657 or contact us online to schedule a free review of your case and to get more information.

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