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Lancaster Workers Comp Denial Lawyer

If you have been hurt while on the job, you may think that you will receive workers’ compensation benefits automatically. Sadly, this is not always true. In some cases, you may have a valid workplace injury, but your employer or the insurance company providing them with insurance may refuse to pay compensation. If you have received a Notice of Stopping Temporary Compensation or a Notice of Workers’ Compensation Denial, you may feel like giving up. This is the worst thing you can do before understanding your legal options. Below, our Lancaster workers comp denial lawyer outlines what those are.

Why are Workers Comp Claims Denied?

When you apply for workers’ compensation, your employer will initially determine if you have a valid application. The insurance company they purchased workers’ compensation insurance from will also help them determine whether to approve your claim. Workers’ compensation claims are denied for many reasons in Lancaster and they include:

  • The claim or accident report contained incorrect, incomplete, or insufficient information
  • You submitted your application after the 120-day deadline
  • Your employer is questioning the validity of your injury
  • Your employer is questioning the severity of your injury
  • Your employer is arguing that your injury did not happen at work
  • Your employer is arguing that you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs while at work

Can You Appeal a Workers Comp Claim Denial?

Yes, it is possible to appeal a workers’ comp claim denial. It is critical that you work with a Lancaster workers’ comp denial lawyer before proceeding. Your employer and their insurance company will have legal representation and so, working with a lawyer who is on your side will level the playing field. The process of appealing a workers’ comp claim denial is as follows:

  • File your appeal: After your workers’ comp claim is denied, your employer generally does not have to do anything else. It is entirely up to you to file a claim. A lawyer can advise on the steps to take to file and will build a strong case that will give you the best chance of a successful outcome. The acceptance rate is much higher when you work with a lawyer.
  • Request a hearing: You can submit a request with the Workers’ Compensation Bureau and your case will be assigned to a workers’ comp judge. Once a judge is assigned to your case, they will assign a date for the hearing and will notify you, as you must attend the hearing.
  • Prepare for the hearing: There is a lot of preparation you must do before a workers’ comp hearing. You need to collect medical bills, locate eyewitnesses, and gather other important documents. A lawyer can also help you fully prepare so you have the best chance at the hearing.

Call Our Workers Comp Denials Lawyer in Lancaster Today

If you have been denied workers’ compensation, do not hesitate to contact our Lancaster workers comp denial lawyer at Ira H. Weinstock, P.C. Our experienced attorney can help you prepare for the hearing and give you the best chance of success. Call us today at 717-238-1657 or fill out our online form to arrange a free consultation.

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