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York Personal Injury Lawyer

Suffering an injury in York is bad enough, but being harmed due to someone’s negligence is even worse. In this situation, you might feel frustrated, angry, and worried. Who is going to pay for your medical bills? How will you continue to provide for your family while missing work due to your injuries? What about the psychological trauma, depression, and other mental issues associated with a serious injury? These questions are all completely valid, and they lead to another: Can you sue for your injury?

In order to receive clear answers, it’s best to get in touch with a qualified, experienced York personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. In this situation, you need to act quickly. The statute of limitations may prevent you from taking any legal action whatsoever if you wait too long, so book your consultation at your earliest convenience. During this consultation, an attorney can assess your unique situation, answer your question, and determine whether a lawsuit is a viable choice.

When Can I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Plaintiffs can file personal injury lawsuits in a number of different situations, including:

  • Suing your landlord for unsafe or toxic living conditions
  • Slipping and falling at a grocery store or any other establishment
  • Getting into a car accident
  • Being struck by a vehicle
  • Being assaulted at a place with inadequate security
  • Suing a medical professional for a botched medical procedure
  • Suing a medical professional for failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis
  • Suing a product manufacturer for a product that caused injury
  • Being abused by a clergy member

Those are just a few examples, and there are many other situations that may lead to a personal injury lawsuit. As a general rule, you can sue whenever you experience harm due to someone else’s negligence.

How Much Money Can I Get?

Many plaintiffs wonder how much money they stand to receive when filing personal injury lawsuits, and this is understandable. After all, you might be trying to plan out your financial future in the face of a serious injury.

Your settlement is a reflection of the damages you have sustained. Damages are divided into two categories:

  • Non-Economic Damages: These are mental and emotional losses that cannot easily be quantified in dollar amounts. Examples include pain & suffering, PTSD, humiliation, shame, embarrassment, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, depression, and more.
  • Economic Damages: These are damages that can be quantified in dollar amounts. Examples include medical expenses, missed wages, and other things of that nature.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in York, look no further than Ira H. Weinstock, P.C. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured victims recover compensation, including car accident victims, slip and fall victims, medical malpractice victims, and many others. Although internet research helps to some extent, you really need to book a consultation with an attorney to efficiently plan out your next moves. Reach out today.

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