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Harrisburg Worker’s Compensation Lawyer > Blog > Car Accidents > Car Accidents In Harrisburg: The Risks To Older Adults

Car Accidents In Harrisburg: The Risks To Older Adults


May is designated as Older Americans Month. It highlights the many past and current contributions people over the age of 65 make in our community, as well as some of the unique challenges they face.

Unfortunately, age-related declines make personal injuries a serious threat, and car accidents are one of the most common ways for them to occur. Our Harrisburg car accident lawyer provides victims and their families with the caring support and trusted legal guidance they need to file a claim. Find out more about the risks and how to protect yourself or those you love.

Why Older Drivers Are At Increased Risk For Harrisburg Car Accident Injuries

Older Americans Month is sponsored by the Administration for Community Living (ACL.gov). Held annually in May, it focuses on how older adults add to our community and the special needs people have as they age.

Older adults are at high risk for personal injuries, which can seriously endanger their health. Car accidents are one of the most common causes. Age-related declines that can make a crash more likely to happen include:

  • Poor vision and night blindness;
  • Reduced strength in applying the brakes and using the steering wheel;
  • Difficulty coordinating movements;
  • Slower response time;
  • Increased risk of confusion.

Age-related declines can make older adult car accidents more likely to happen. However, reckless and dangerous behavior on the part of other motorists is the most common underlying cause.

Protecting Older Adults Against Car Accident Injuries In Harrisburg

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that despite age-related declines, older adults are among the safest drivers on the road. Their years of experience behind the wheel can help reduce the likelihood of major crashes or collisions.

Unfortunately, when a car accident in Harrisburg happens due to the recklessness of others, older adults generally take longer to bounce back from it. Broken hips, soft tissue damage, and injuries to the head, back, or neck can end up being disabling, necessitating the need for nursing home care while potentially hastening an otherwise untimely death.

If you are an older adult driver or have concerns about a family member, the following tips can help reduce crash risks and the potential for life-threatening injuries:

  • Get a yearly eye exam and update any prescriptions;
  • Check with your doctor to determine whether medications or medical conditions could impact your driving abilities;
  • Choose driving routes that have less heavy traffic, which reduces the risk;
  • Avoid driving at night and on weekends, which is when most fatal car accidents happen;
  • If you have several close calls, consider parking your vehicle and relying on ridesharing or friends instead.

Contact Our Harrisburg Car Accident Lawyer For Trusted Guidance In Filing A Claim

Car accidents can have devastating impacts on older adults and their loved ones. Ira H. Weinstock, P.C. holds at-fault drivers accountable and helps victims get compensation. For trusted guidance in filing a claim, contact our office and request a consultation with our Harrisburg car accident lawyer today.




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