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Trump Administration Issues Rule Preventing Union Dues from Being Deducted from Home Healthcare Workers’ Paychecks

By Ira H. Weinstock |

Unions for home healthcare workers are fighting a new Trump Administration rule preventing Union dues from being deducted and paid to Unions.  For most organized non-governmental workforces, employees can have their Union dues automatically deducted from the pay checks and paid directly to the Union to cover the costs of the Union’s representation.  The… Read More »

2019 Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation Maximum Wage Loss Rate is Announced

By Ira H. Weinstock |

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, the Pennsylvania injured worker’s maximum wage loss rate will increase for 2019.  Based upon the Statewide Average Weekly Wage, as determined by the Department of Labor & Industry for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018, the maximum compensation payable under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation… Read More »


By Ira H. Weinstock |

Hearing loss benefits are considered a specific loss under the Workers’ Compensation Act. If an employee has been exposed to hazardous occupational noise, which has caused at least 10 percent binaural (both ears) hearing loss, the employer is responsible to pay benefits under the Act.  While a single episode of hazardous noise, a blow… Read More »

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Limits the Right Of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies to Reduce Future Medical Payments After Settlement of Negligence Cases By Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Claimants

By Ira H. Weinstock |

A common scenario in Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Cases involves a worker being injured as the result of some third party’s negligence. For example, a truck driver, while in the course and scope of his employment, is injured as a result of an accident caused by another driver.  In situations where a third party may… Read More »


By Ira H. Weinstock |

In a previous article we discussed Senate Bill 936 and its potential impact on Pennsylvania injured workers. This bill deals with access to medical treatment by allowing a “formulary” or in other words a state approved list of medications.  Under this bill, only medications on an approved list would be covered by the Workers’… Read More »

Pennsylvania Court Addresses Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation When Employee is Hurt Off of the Employer’s Property

By Ira H. Weinstock |

In a previous post we discussed the requirements that an Employee be in the course and scope of employment while injured to be eligible for Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation benefits. In the recent case of U.S. Airways v. WCAB, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court addressed a course and scope case involving an Employee who was injured… Read More »

How Do I Become a Medical Marijuana Patient In Pennsylvania?

By Ira H. Weinstock |

Becoming a medical marijuana patient in Pennsylvania is not difficult, provided that you suffer from one of the medical conditions for which treatment with medical marijuana is permitted.  If you are on Social Security Disability or suffer from a severe work injury, there is a good chance that you have a qualifying condition.  Many… Read More »

My Workers’ Compensation checks are late; Is there anything I can do?

By Ira H. Weinstock |

Our office often receives this question.  Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, your Employer or Workers’ Compensation Carrier is required to either accept or deny Your Work Injury claim within 21 days of Notice of the injury and begin issuing benefits. If your claim is accepted within this 21 day period, your first Workers’… Read More »

Is an Employer’s Medical Evidence Sufficient to Terminate Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation Benefits?

By Ira H. Weinstock |

In a previous article we discussed the importance of having unequivocal expert testimony supporting your claim for Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation.  In a recent Commonwealth Court case, the Court addressed the burden an Employer has in terminating benefits that had previously been granted and the requirements for their medical evidence. In the case of Vasser… Read More »

2018 Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Rates Released

By Ira H. Weinstock |

Every year, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry determines the maximum workers’ compensation rate for injured workers.  For injured workers who suffer a work injury between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018, the maximum amount of workers compensation an injured worker can receive is $1,025.00. This represents an increase from the 2017… Read More »

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