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Determining Whether an Employment Relationship Exists: Is a Worker an Employee or Independent Contractor?

By Ira H. Weinstock |

In a previous article, we discussed the growing trend of employers misclassifying employees as “independent contractors” to avoid paying overtime and benefits such as Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation or Unemployment Compensation.  Here, we will look at some of the factors the U.S. Department of Labor has used to determine whether a worker is an employee… Read More »

“Independent Contractors” and Employee Misclassification

By Ira H. Weinstock |

The U.S. Department of Labor has found that the misclassification of employees as independent contractors is an alarming trend, particularly in industries that often employ low-wage, vulnerable workers and in which the Wage and Hour Division has historically found significant wage violations. The practice is a serious threat both to employees entitled to good… Read More »

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