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Attorney Tom Wilken Presents an Update to the Dauphin County Bar Association Regarding Protz

Attorney Tom Wilken recently spoke to the Dauphin County Bar Association regarding the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Case of Protz v. Worker’s Compensation Appeal Board and its implications for the future of Pennsylvania worker’s compensation.  Tom emphasized that Protz is ground breaking in the world of Pennsylvania workers compensation because it gives Claimants greater ammunition to extend much needed benefits and increases their leverage in settling cases.  At least for the time being, Claimants will no longer be subjected to an arbitrary system of determining impairment ratings by a doctor who has never met the Claimant or has any idea how a Claimant’s work injuries have impacted their ability to earn a living.

Tom also hypothesized about how insurance companies will attempt to work around Protz to reduce or terminate worker’s compensation benefits including increased usage of Suspension and Termination Petitions as well as Independent Medical Exams (insurance doctor exams).

If you have any questions regarding how Protz may impact your Pennsylvania worker’s compensation case you should speak to an experienced Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation attorney.

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