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“Paycheck Protection” Act Defeated in Pennsylvania Legislature

In previous article we discussed the so called “Pay Check Protection” Act and what it would mean to Pennsylvania Unions and Union Members. On December 12, 2017 Senate Bill 166 was defeated by a vote of 102-90.  The bill would have prohibited state, county and local governments from deducting voluntary contributions from members’ paycheck to their Union’s political action committees.  This legislative effort was part of a nationwide push to try to undermine the work of Unions in advocating for better wages, hours and working conditions for their members.  According to reports, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Treasury Office spends $100 to run the deduction program.

While this is a big victory for Unions and Union Members, the fight is not over.  Proponents of the bill say they will attempt to reintroduce the bill in the next legislative session.    

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