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Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Announces New Email Address to Assist Applicants with Unemployment Issues

A common complaint we would receive prior to the Covid-19 pandemic was that the Unemployment Service Centers were extremely hard to reach to resolve UC issues.  Applicants would attempt to call the service centers and would remain on hold for hours if they were able to get through at all.  Now that the pandemic has caused an unprecedented rise in unemployment claims, the ability to get through to the service centers is exponentially more difficult.  The Department of Labor and Industry has instituted a live chat feature through their Unemployment website to help answer questions however, you are still required to get a personal ID number (PIN) in order to access it.   In a further attempt to assist applicants, the Department has announced an email address where displaced workers can get help.  The address is uchelp@pa.gov.  If you need assistance with your claim an email inquiry may be a way to get answers.


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