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By Ira H. Weinstock |

If someone in Pennsylvania has an ongoing wage loss workers’ compensation benefit, his or her employer may send the injured worker for an impairment rating evaluation (“IRE”). The IRE exam cannot be requested by the Employer until the individual has received 104 weeks of total disability benefits (2 years), and the IRE request must… Read More »

Notice of your Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Injury

By Ira H. Weinstock |

    It is critical to your Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation case to provide your employer with notification of your injury.   The general rule is  that notice of your work injury must be given to your employer within 120 days of your injury.   There are, as in life, exceptions to that rule.   For example, if… Read More »

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation and Retirement – Can I Collect Both?

By Ira H. Weinstock |

A question that is often asked by Claimants who are receiving Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation Benefits is can I continue to collect my full worker’s compensation check and retire.  The answer, as in most cases in the law, is it depends. Wage-loss benefits are to provide an injured worker income during their time of disability. … Read More »

Increased Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation benefits are due when working for multiple Employers at the time of Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation injury

By Ira H. Weinstock |

If an injured worker has two jobs when the injured worker suffers a work-related injury, will both jobs be considered in determining the injured workers’ Pennsylvania workers’ compensation rate? Answer:  Yes.  Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, your employer is obligated to consider all of wages at the time of your injury.  If you… Read More »

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Hearing Loss

By Ira H. Weinstock |

Work related hearing loss can occur to individuals who work in fields outside the quiet 9 to 5 office. Employees in construction, trucking industry, manufacturing, and/or air traffic control, for example, come in contact with loud machines and equipment daily. Employees who have suffered hearing loss due to their place of employment, can file… Read More »

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation: What Benefits Can you Collect:

By Ira H. Weinstock |

Pursuant to the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act, an injured worker may recover only five types of benefits: loss of earnings due to the injury specific loss (ie. loss of a finger, arm, leg, hearing, ettc.) death benefits as a result of a work injury illegally employed minor’s benefits reasonable and necessary medical benefits The… Read More »

Police Officers and Off the Job Injuries

By Ira H. Weinstock |

Police Officers Are Entitled To Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Benefits When Injured From Exercising or Working Out Off the Job Posted by Ira H. Weinstock, P.C. in Workers’ Compensation, Helpful Information, and Heart and Lung Blog on November 5, 2014   Police officers often are required to meet certain physical requirements as part of their… Read More »

The Going and Coming Rule

By Ira H. Weinstock |

The Going and Coming Rule and Work Related Injuries that Occur Outside of Work Generally, under the “going and coming rule,” injuries sustained while an employee is traveling to and from his place of employment are considered outside the course and scope of employment and are, therefore, not compensable under the Workers’ Compensation Act…. Read More »

Workers’ Compensation Medical Expenses

By Ira H. Weinstock |

What to do for Non-Payment of Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Medical Expenses: What do I do if, while I am on Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation, my Employer fails to pay for my Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation work-related medical expenses? ANSWER:       The usual and customary practice under Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law is to file a penalty petition for… Read More »

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